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Tidying Up Your Mental Space

By Durel Allen, MSW, RSW It’s one of those things that we know, but don’t readily admit – we don’t function very well in a cluttered space. Think about how much your mood improves after tidying up, or getting rid of all the junk stored …

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The Benefits of Breast Massage

Breast Massage therapy is an effective ‘wellness’ treatment for breasts, as the breasts need excellent circulation and tissue mobilization for optimum health. Poor circulation in the breasts can produce uncomfortable symptoms. In addition, breast scarring (surgically and traumatically induced), which is more common than we …

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How to Get Rid of the Winter Sluggishness and Feel Great This Spring

By Dr. Valerie Penton-Power, MSc, ND Spring is the season of new growth and new birth! Once the spring comes, it is time to rid the body of the accumulation of a sedentary winter. You may have arrived to Spring feeling you had a winter …

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The 10-Day Transformation Cleanse

By: Danielle Prevost BA, CNP (Hons.), NNCP If the words ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ send you running for the hills, fear not! Purium’s 10-Day Transformation Program is not something to be afraid of. Rather, it is a way of reconnecting with plant based, whole food nutrition. …

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Optimizing Health during Preconception

By Dr. Valerie Penton-Power, MSc, ND As a Naturopathic Doctor, patients often ask how soon they should be thinking about making any necessary changes to improve their chances of becoming pregnant. My answer is “as soon as possible.” It takes approximately 3 months for both …

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Pregnancy Can Be a Pain in the Buttocks

By Jennifer Abbotts, RMT Pregnancy can be a pain in the buttocks. One of the most common issues that pregnant clients come to see me for is hip and sciatic pain. While this pain can be sourced to a variety of different causes, the most …

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