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Massage Therapy: Helping People to Live With Cancer

(As printed on the Victoria Cancer Resource Center Website, Spring 2007 edition) Human touch is one of the most sacred ways we can connect as human beings; it allows us to move beyond the physical barriers we create and respond to each other in …

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Breast Massage for Healthier Breasts

Breast health is an important consideration when looking at overall body wellness. The breast tissues have very specific needs, needs that are often overlooked and neglected in our day-to-day life.  Breast tissue can be compromised with many musculoskeletal complaints, breast specific procedures (excision, reduction, implants, …

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Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

Have you ever suffered from any of the following health issues? fatigue headaches & migraines Premenstrual Syndrome anxiety & depression decreased memory & concentration dry skin & hair loss Irritable Bowel Syndrome sensitivity to coldcold hands and/or feet difficulty losing weight Have you ever been …

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Massage Therapy and Chronic Illness

Massage therapy provides a source of both physical and emotional comfort for an individual who is living with a chronic illness, such as Cancer, HIV, Fibromyalgia, or Parkinson’s.  It can help a person to cope with the diagnosis as well as some of the physical …

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Winter – Naturally!

Do you want to have the best chances of keeping your children healthy this winter? Keep your kids healthy this winter – Naturally!  Great! So, let’s get started. First off, we have to remember that what we are achieving is PREVENTION – why get sick and …

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Massage Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

The role of massage therapy in the treatment of depression and anxiety can be invaluable; it helps to integrate the individual as a whole within the treatment context and can offer both physical and emotional relief. Often, in a clinical treatment, the focus revolves mainly …

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