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Saving the Planet One Paper Towel at a Time

There are so many things that each of us can do to help save the planet, and the simple task of consciously using less paper towel is one of them.

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Why Do I Feel Depressed During Winter? A Naturopathic Approach to the “Winter Blues”

Written by Dr. Pat Nardini, ND Winter can be a time of fun for some of us, but for others, it can be a long season.  The crisp weather and reduced daylight hours can combine to produce some nasty winter symptoms.  Now, I’m not talking …

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Calcium Rich Vegetables

A lot of people believe that they have to drink milk in order to get enough calcium into their bodies so that they can have strong healthy bones. Not true, says Dr. Furhman MD. Many green vegetables have calcium-absorption rates of over 50 percent, compared with …

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What is self care and how do we go about it?

By Dr. Valerie Penton-Power, ND “Self-care” – it’s a term you likely have heard quite often. From café conversations to self-help books, it is a common term in most social circles. So what exactly is self-care? In a nutshell, self-care is care that is initiated …

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Top 3 Things Every Weekend Warrior Should Know

By Andrew Chan, Manual Osteopath For health and also sporting activity lovers, this is a common term utilized for people with 8-to-5 work who rarely play the sport they love and also have the time to do them generally on weekends. Generally speaking, Weekend Warriors …

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drinking water

The Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

Water is essential to life and affects us every day, whether it’s for drinking, cleaning, showering, brushing our teeth, cooking, rinsing, washing, or doing the laundry. Each of these tasks requires clean water in order to provide us a safe environment in our bodies and …

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